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Becky's New Car by Steven Dietz

Directed by Cindy Valerio

"On a classic mistaken-identity premise, playwright Steven Dietz has constructed a warmly, humorous and nimble romantic farce that doesn’t oversell itself, or ever sell its American Everywoman protagonist short.  Dietz has created a comedy of modern manners…one that derives as much power from its humanity as its fine-tuned craftsmanship.” --Seattle Times

Sept. 7-10; 14-17


Miracle on 34th Street

Directed by Charlotte Keefe

 Tuesday & Wednesday, December 12 & 13


Off the Map

by Joan Ackerman

Feb. 15-18; Feb. 22-25

at  the Kachina Lodge/Hopi Dining Room


The Language Archive by Julia Cho

Directed by Karla Eoff

April 19-22; April 26-29

at the Kachina Lodge/Hopi Dining Room


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