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Taos Onstage 2017-2018 Season Pass


Taos Onstage 2017-2018 Season Pass


This pass has four "punches", which means you save about 15% off the door price. But that’s not all.  When you purchase a pass, you will have the privilege of reserving your seat for the performance of your choice before individual tickets go on sale. 

You can use the flexible pass anytime during the season. 

The pass can be used for each of the plays during the season. But you might be thinking, “I don’t know if I will be in town for all of the productions.” Not a problem!   You can use it other ways as well.  Perhaps you know you will be out of town during one or more of the productions. You can use the pass for two, three, or four tickets to one show or several shows. To add more flexibility we also allow you to "gift" your pass to a friend.

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