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The Language Archive

by Julia Cho

Directed by Karla Eoff


George, a brilliant linguist, is devoted to preserving languages: “When we say a language dies, we are talking about a whole world, a whole way of life. It is the death of imagination, of memory.” But in his personal life, language is failing him. He doesn’t listen to his wife, Mary, and is unable to find the words to keep her from leaving him. And at work, he is oblivious to the deep feelings his lab assistant, Emma, has for him. Then comic relief arrives: Alta and Resten, an elderly married couple who have agreed to be interviewed by George, are the last speakers of the language of Elloway. However, they are not talking to each other, and when they do, they speak only in English, “the language of anger.”


George, a linguist, 30 or older

Mary, his wife, 30 or older

Emma, his assistant, 20+

Resten, from Elloway, 50 or older

Alta, his wife, 50 or older


Note: Every role is open to all ethnicities. The ages given above can vary. The actors cast as Resten and Alta will play multiple other small roles (driver, passerby, train conductor, etc.). 



Tuesday and Wednesday, February 27 and 28, at 6:30 p.m.

SOMOS, 108 Civic Plaza Drive

Contact: Karla Eoff, 575-751-1183 or kseoff@newmex.com for more info



Emma & Alta | Emma & George 1Emma & George 2George & MaryGeorge, Alta, Mary & RestenGeorgeMary | Resten & Alta

Performances:  April 19-22 and April 25-28 at the Kachina Lodge/Hopi Dining Room



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