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A Clean House Gets a Little Polish

A few photos here as the cast prepares its final week of rehearsals...


The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl

Director-Kristen Woolf


Matilde - Sorché Morgan

Lane - Lisa Orwig

Virginia - Charlotte Keefe

Ana - Ruth Fahrbach

Charles - Lee Imboden

Matilde’s parents-  Ruth Fahrbach and Lee Imboden

On Golden Pond.. Onstage and Off

Backstage @ Bralapalooza

Joel was studying for a test (I guess?), Judith’s glasses went missing (but turned up later in then cookie tin) and Karen was feeling unusual after her first experience with Mezcal. Yes, the drama backstage was just as riveting as what would soon be taking place onstage. Costumes needing quick repair, finding the wig comb or the right color lipstick all while the clock ticks down to SHOWTIME. Which (for each one of us models) amounted to about 30 seconds on stage. Anna and Neil took on the MC duties admirably and the crowd played along as we tried to have a bit of fun and raise a little dough for Cancer Support Services in Taos.

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